April 2, 2016

Style Diary: Steps Of The Met

I gotta say, today's look that I managed to publish somewhat reminds me of the scene in Gossip Girl where Blair and her minions would sit on the steps of the met and just be pretty. hahaha. Well, for my version today, it was all thanks to Dalillah, Fattah and Fatiin, who were my companions for the day while here in Singapore. We decided to roam around during the evening and I think this particular building caught Dalillah's attention cause it's something close to her heart and is in fact an art gallery! :D

Scarf: Zacheela
Top: Kree
Culottes: Forever21
Purse: Dalillah's  XD
Flats: Topshop

And the last image has got to be my most favourite of all the bunch. We pretty much enjoyed ourselves and we bonded a lot over lots and lots of things. And with the warmth that all my friends in Singapore has welcomed me with, I am forever grateful and in love with this country I call my 2nd home country though every time I come here I'd often fall sick hahaha.
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zeera lily said...

really love your style!

Unknown said...

Assalamualikum wbt Kak Shea! I was just wondering do you happen to know where Kak Dalillah bought the purse? Since my mum's birthday is just around the corner I think she would like a new purse just like that! Thank you in advance :)