June 13, 2016

Event: Mizz Nina, The New Face of Adania

Assalamualaikum beautifuls! Finallyyyy I can blog about the event I went to just before Ramadhan! Heee! And yes, this is the type of event that I most certainly love to attend. Why? Because it's women, and beauty related!

So as some of you might know, I'm a HUGE fan of Amaryllis Spa. I've been there, and I loved the services compared to other spas I've been to. And I could say the list is quite long cause I have never stuck to one particular spa before. And fyi, Amaryllis spa also has their own range of products under the name of Adania--which I use regularly too.

When I was told that this year, their new face of Adania was to be Mizz Nina, I did not hesitate for one second to witness this awesomeness! So I went :D

Adania products in a new packaging and Mizz Nina as their new face!
Mizz Nina is a definite believer of natural products, so understandably she agrees to be with Adania
Ohh she is just so inspiring! I mean, have you seen/heard her in talks/tv programmes? She's truly genuine and down to earth I tell ya
And here is Mrs Nadia, the founder of Amaryllis spa giving me all teary eyed with her speech heehee
I cannot stop staring at these beautiful decor at Flora Hampshire
I wish I could have them all!
Halal and organic--the Honey soap is calling meeeee
Oils and mists for our daily usage. How can you not want these, huh?
Everything is just so awesome I tell ya. I have used some of these products and I can honestly tell you they are of high quality ingredients. The shampoo I had is soooo moisturising, the algae face mask is a must to be applied every 2 weeks, and the organic deodorant I have works wonders. And to be honest with you I support Amaryllis wholeheartedly because they are a Malaysian brand, with Muslim founders, and use halal ingredients. Adding all these three together and I'm sold.

And since I'm feeling generous this Ramadhan, I'd like to offer you my readers discounts! I literally waited for their promos and such to start and have this post up by then cause I want you guys to experience these amazing deals. So if you've been looking for a spa or organic products, I highly recommend Amaryllis and Adania ;)

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