June 20, 2016

Style Diary: Going For Prayers

There's something about going to the mosque that makes your night so so calming, right? And best part of all is when you get yourself ready to go to His home. It's a special place, and indeed we should look forward to it every time we wanna head there. And today, here's what I wore. I practically bought myself the Zahra dress from my Eid collection cause I feel like it suits the whole mosque scene heeee!

Scarf: Ohh I can't remember!
Zahra Dress: Shea Rasol x Simplic
Purse: The Cambridge Satchel Company
Ring: Bazaar

Seriously I'm gonna repeat this look when I go to Eid prayers in two weeks. And I gotta say, mommies would really love this dress cause you can easily pull the piece down (inside the V neck) to breastfeed. And when you're done, simply pull up! :D I designed it that way cause mommies alike always come up to me with their nursing issues with garments. So this was my solution to it ;)
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Sheem Aulia said...

Shea Cantikkkkkkkk nyeee ^_^