June 9, 2016

Style Diary: Loving Lacey Layers

By now you might've had the slightest opinion about my style approach. And that is I am the queen of layers. Haha. Yes, that's what I usually get whenever people see me in person. I just can't get enough of layering myself with garments! I dunno, I see a whole lotta potential whenever I see a certain top (especially). Put on my creativity cap, and voilaaaa...

Sunnies: Monki
Cropped Shirt (my fav!): Shea Rasol KL
Lace Cropped Top: Forever21
Culottes: Shea Rasol KL (sold out)
Purse: Spotlight Aus
Pumps: Melaka

Pretty proud to see that I'm wearing most of my designs in this look! Yes, I've been repeating these pieces like always cause when I designed them I purposely made pieces that are wearable even in a million times and no one would notice it. 

Did you notice it? :p
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