June 22, 2016

Thoughts: Meeting Our Creator

I was crazy anticipating for the day when I can finally share with you what I have in this post! You know me, I'm all about sharing with you girls what I truly love and adore, so for this time around, my new praying mat deserve a post dedicated to it! :D

Seeing every time I post a picture of any sejadah I have, you girls will ALWAYS ask me where I got them, and today imma tell you, my particular favourite right now is from QENZA! What first struck me excited was of course, the unique and one of a kind design! Aesthetics appeals so much to me, and I'm sure to most of you too, so Qenza's mats successfully won my heart.

I mean, just look at the gorg design below will ya! :D

It was so hard for me to snap these pics without Carlos in the way!
Every sejadah comes with its bag. Super convenient and awesome as gifts!
I love you but you gotta move, Carlos. This is my corner.
He ain't going anywhere =.="
Yup, still here. I know why he won't move--the mat's too soft!
Story of my life with my "Samudera" Qenza mat.
Haha sorry that you had to see a lot of Carlos in these pics. I tried my best to shoo him away but he still feels that the mat is his. Yesss, I know the mat is super soft and cushion-ey, Carlos, but you gotta let me pray in peace. 

You'll know what I'm talking about when you try the sejadah for yourself. If you're someone like me who appreciates uniqueness while not jeopardising comfort or practicality, then this sejadah should be in your next shopping list. 

Pssst, I actually have another one! Cause having one Qenza mat is not an option for me. I need more. And insyaAllah if rezeqi permits, I think I'll buy them for all my family members as well! I'm sure they'll appreciate praying on a soft mat that's friendly to the knees, especially to my parents :D

Website: http://www.qenza.co 
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