June 24, 2016

Thoughts: Swapping Gifts With Dalillah Ismail

Guysssss!! I literally had to type so quick for this post the be up today! Why? Cause I was so excited to share with you what arrived in the mail!! So a couple of weeks ago, Dalillah and I, decided to do a gift swap where we'd get each other: a fashion item, a beauty product, and a book.

We have been friends for sooooo long especially when my blog started off for the first two years. Let me introduce you to Dalillah (though I do think she does not need any introductions, cause it's Dalillah kot!) :D

Dalillah is my long time Singaporean friend whom I have the pleasure of knowing via our blogs. She has her own fashion blog called A Veil of Modesty and you know what, we've been following and talking to each other via cyberspace for quite a while that when we finally met in real life, it felt like I have known her for ages! And we clicked so well too! :D

This is the gift she sent. I was so excited I forgot to snap it before untying the bow heheee!
And inside, is this!
Every gift comes with a thoughtful note and hadeeth (Now I feel bad for my gift to Dalillah!) hahaha
This is the gorgeous beaded bolero she got me :D OMG i just died.
And a Quran trivia for my desk! I really love this daily calendar/book Dali! You guys should look for this too k!
She knows me too well. I have been using the lip balm (on the left) for quite a while, and see it's almost run out dah.. I've been putting off in getting a new one since this one is almost over. And BOOM, Dali sent me this new one on the right. WHAT. ARE. THE. ODDS. I've never shown her my old lip balm ok. Serious this coincidence is crazy Dali!!! :D
And this note was the best of all!
Oh gosh, can you sense my excitement? :D Too many smileys dah letak ni haha.. AllahuAkbar... :) Dali I know you're gonna read this, and babe, I wanna say, thank you soooo much for the gifts, I can't wait to use them all! And most importantly thank you so much for the friendship though we are miles apart, our hearts are just practically next door neighbours! hahaha.. Thank you for looking after me when I was oftenly sick whenever I visit Singapore, and thank you for introducing me to your family and friends as well! September ni nanti I'll see you at Tiq's wedding insyaAllah! :D

To our friendship, may it will forever bloom and bring us closer than ever before, hand in hand towards Jannah, InsyaAllah :)

Give her some loving at:

*applying lip balm while browsing for garments to go with the bolero*
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Dalillah Ismail said...

Subhanallah Shea, my heart is filled with joy and contentment after reading this post. I kept asking Fattah whether you would like these gifts (dont know why I was very unassured!haha.) and he said by the looks of it she will. He is right you do! I'm smiling all alone right now and I cant wait to blog mine! May our friendship last a lifetime and continue on till Jannah, Ameen....!!!!<3