August 18, 2016

Beauty: My Night Time Skincare Routine

If there's a moment that I am most proud of in all my blogging career, is this moment today! I have gathered up all the courage I have inside of me to post this picture below for you! XD Yes guys, the yellow coloured monster is here to haunt you at night cause yes, there's nothing beautiful than a masked woman in her jammies haha..

So before you grab a pail to puke out this monstrosity, let me let you in on my nighttime skincare routine that I have been doing so for the past 2 weeks or so. My skin breaks out crazily when it's that time of the month, like most of you do.

And I have this acne scars from previous usage of those local skincare products that promises you to look fair and radiant within a week. You know, the ones that went viral leaving the poor girl's skin in critical acne condition. Yeah, I truly understood what she felt cause I, too, experience the same thing but in a slightly better condition.

I mean 'those local' products REALLY work, but as soon as you stop using them, your skin will purge. So I vow not to ever use them anymore and stick to this regime instead:


1. I will take a handful of rice, soak them with water in a glass and leave them overnight to soften it up.

2. On the following day, grab a turmeric in fruit form (works better than powder) and blend it together with the softened rice from yesterday.

3. There's no actual volume needed to make this concoction. I basically just threw everything in the blender (minus the excess rice water) and keep this mask refrigerated for a couple of hours before I would actually use it at night. This entire bowl of mask can be used a full week, so keep them in the fridge when not in use. 
*Do wear clothing that you wouldn't mind getting stained, cause sometimes the mask can get to your collars and such.

After I've prepared the mask, I would wash my face with my cleanser, and apply the turmeric mask on for about 30 minutes like in the first image above. Wash them all off when they're dry, and the next step continues....


1. Ahhhh my favourite part of my regime is of course this one! After I have rinsed my face from all those turmeric goodness, I slap my face with these La Colline day and night creams. Why I started off with the turmeric mask is to ensure that I have provided a clean base for these creams to work on. I can tell you this method works for me like wonders!

2. First I would apply the Lift & Light Cream from La Colline cause I would love for it to lift the skin leaving it moist and light for the night. I would apply such amount on my face and leave it on for a couple of minutes and move on to the next cream.

3. When the first cream is set, I apply this NativAge cream after so that my skin are able to absorb both of their goodness effectively. These creams are made in Switzerland, from the Swiss Riviera to be exact, so I'm really positive that these are what helps my skin to wake up in clarity and suppleness. I really don't like applying tooooo many products on my face before I hit the sack, so it is crucial for me to pick a product that can do so much with one swipe. And best part of all, they don't feel greasy too! Me likey :D

Picture was taken yesterday before heading off to KLFW2016

This is how my skin looks like (with makeup) after almost two weeks of this routine! And so far it has been such an AWESOME help to diminish my visible scars from the wrong products I have used previously (and pssst, they're anti-aging too). And there's no more bumpy acne marks... Ahhh macam2 lah haha.. 

So I'm guessing this combination works for my skin, and I hope that if you're ever in the same rut as me, try this regime for a change too k! I wanna give their cleanser a try too, one day, insyaAllah.

I'm one happy kid!

La Colline available at SaSa Malaysia wheee!!
Tak yah susah2 gi Switzerland! XD
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