August 11, 2016

Beauty: One of The Best Nail Polishes In Town

What do girls tend to do when it's that time of the month? Well for me, I'd begin to take out my nail polish stack and start playing! Hehehe.. That's the only time I would usually paint them cause duhh, reasons. But when I found out about Zahara, the Singaporean based beauty brand, I figured I could use the polish anytime I want!

Thanks to its halal properties and that little black bottle right there. That's the remover and it is super convenient I tell you. I'd paint the colours to an event, and when it's time for prayers, I basically wiped the polishes off in a jiffy.

Your nail will become clean as before with just a couple of twists of the bottle. To add up, I can simply remove any imperfections easily when applying the polishes hehe.. And oh, notice those liquid lipsticks? I love them to bits! The colours are beautifully rich and does not dry up your lips easily. Try it k!

Website: ZAHARA
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