August 24, 2016

Style: Athletic Streak

Although the Olympics just ended a few days ago, the memories and the spirit it brought into our lives will forever be cherished! Especially during most of the sporting events that our Malaysian athletes have wowed the world with their strength and agility, medal or no medal. In remembrance of Rio 2016, I decided to work the sporty look that I find super chic these days.

Sunnies: Quay Australia
Brocade Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Shirt: unbranded
Sleeveless Cropped Top: Forever21
Watch: Cluse
Sports pants: Poplook
Purse: Tasbijoux
Chromatic Heels: Zalora

And turns out you can wear the typical sports pants with the stripe on the sides with heels! It didn't feel off at all, and I can tell you, my day went by comfortably well. I think I would be repeating this look but switch to a pair of sneakers and go hiking or whatever this week. I think I shall! :D