August 31, 2016

Thoughts: No I Don't Use Pig Skinned Anything

Okay, so I received a text from my dear Singaporean friend, Tiq, who shared with me a link to one article written by an irresponsible writer. Well the article was talking about how touching pig skin is not haram as how it is non-permissible to consume pork/lard.

Pfffttt haha.. Seriously I wanted to laugh when I read the article. Cause I feel that it was a baseless article without proper references like Quranic translations or hadeeths to support his/her points. We're talking about halal and haram here, so you need to include them in your publication whether you like it or not, dude. You can't simply say this or that ustaz says so. Who is THAT ustaz??

Secondly, the photo that they use, was in fact yours truly! I mean c'mon man, you're supposed to be quite a reliable source of information as you would describe yourself to be. So why would you, or any of your writer/columnists simple googled an image of any random hijabi and plaster her picture to strengthen your article?

Reliable, I think not.

Well, thanks to Tiq as well who emailed them as soon as she read the article and the negative responses given (some of em to me--cause I am really famous you see), they took down the article pronto. I didn't hesitate for one second to write this post to clear out my name cause the piece seriously was written to looked as if it was my opinion!

Just to let ya'll know, the thought of me holding or touching a pig skin whether wet nor dry, REPULSES me. I would never go that low, of owning a pig skinned anything to feed my fashionable desires. Like, um, NO. And I mean, for a bag, someone would actually go through all that trouble of bringing a plastic bag to cover it up in the rain, like seriously knocks me off my chair laughing! XD

Would she also wear a water resistant cat suit so that when she sweats, she still can hug her bag dearly? LOLOL.

Why would someone be so stupid to go through all that trouble when you already know for sure that handbag choices made from bjillion types of materials are aplenty in this earth you're living in.

So yes, please do not simply jump to conclusions whenever you go through anything shared online just because it was highly shared by many. Know your part as an intelligent reader and consumer of facts that you go about on the internet, and please be cautious of misleading sites that prioritises ad clicks or visits.

So there, that's my two cents for today. I probably should get myself a Gucci bag after this seeing that I've never owned one before--since I liked it sooooo much. Haha.
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Luthfinta Sudar said...

Me too. I have same opinion as yours. Now a days people always making excuse because they just want to do things Quran not allowed and makes us, people who trying to follow the basic rule, look stupid.

Syahindah Ms said...

The article is ridiculous ya Allah xD

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Ya Allah, speechless reading this. Some more using your photos for the article is just so totally wrong

Sizzling Suzai said...

opss oh this is too too bad!! huhu


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