September 29, 2016

Style: Of Sparkles & Houndstooth

Was headed to a fancy dinner today hence the sparkly eyes that you seldom get to see me working. It was indeed a special day so I had to try on this dramatic look to highlight the simplicity of my jubah today. With the right amount of sparkle and print, I can say this look is very much achievable if you're looking for ways to try your plain jubah.

Houndstooth Scarf: unbranded
Tessa Jubah: Poplook
Purse: Fendi
Makeup by: @ladyqale

And the thing I love the most in this look was how I paired my purse to go hand in hand with the tone of the glitters on my eyelids! Usually we'd pair our accessories with whatever we're wearing, right? But not this time for me! :D

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Syafiqah Hashim said...

looking gorgeous as always!

Unknown said...

u look like dayang nurfaizah somehow in this picture

laili umdatul khoirurosida said...

Awww the eyeshadow <3

ItsOnlyMe said...

Shea berat brp. Nmpk slim, mudah gayakn apa2 shj jenis style