September 25, 2016

Style: Panel High Low Maxi Skirt

Salams miladies! How's life holding up so far? Me, I could barely say that I'm trying my best to come up to catch some breath due to overloads of work surrounding me. You see, I will be joining International Islamic Fair in October insyaAllah and preparations are in tow. So I basically glued myself to my work while being a good housewifey-type-ish cause some family members of mine are currently travelling the world, leaving me behind.

Scarf: Vintage
Shirt: H&M
Purse: Gift from sis from Cambodia
Mary Janes: Forever New

So here's me today after attending a wedding and onto some meetings for future projects and such. I dug my closet and found this sample skirt I made for my Cruise 2015 collection and figured it was perfect for today. Oh how I love designing when I look back on it! :D