October 9, 2016

Travel: (Day 3) From Kagoshima to Kumamoto

My third day in Kyushu saturated off pretty laid-back compared to the first two days I've been here.  The day started off gloomy and windy as expected but it was totally fine for me. So on this day, I decided to pull off an outfit where it would match the day I would go about. And as per usual, below are the list of places and things I did on the 3rd day of travelling!

1. Kirishima Shrine (More info here)

My first stop would be to visit the Kirishima Shrine on a beautiful Tuesday morning. Having reached here certainly made me felt so at home while in Kagoshima. Not sure why though. Probably because the weather was so pleasant and that I was surrounded by tall trees and nature. 

Kirishima shrine is actually one of the biggest shinto shrines here in Japan. I was told there were many shrines, but some stood out for tourists thanks to its significant structure and location.

What I enjoyed most about visiting here was that it speaks so much about the cultural aspect of the Japanese while seeing the area. Above as you can see are amulets for various prayers by the Shinto believers. And just above that is the image of their wishes written and knotted in bunches that you can see a lot of in Kirishima Shrine.

This shrine boasts a huge area and attention to detail even though it was once damaged by a volcano eruption and now moved to this location. When you visit here, you are also able to see a tree that has lived for 800 years and is considered sacred to the Japanese.

2. Kuma River Downstream Experience (More infe here)

We were told that this was part of our itinerary that day. And I for one looking forward to it so much! It was a boat ride that took us about an hour and lucky for us, even though it is said to be a rapid river boat ride experience, there were some calm moments where we could glide smoothly and not worry about splashing water haha.

I was so scared that the ride would splash us crazy that I didn't bring my camera with me on this ride. This time around I felt that I needed a go pro pronto! :D But thanks to my travel buddies, I managed to get this cool shot of us streaming down Kuma River. Thanks Abang Lan for the pic!

3. Exploring Kumamoto City (More info here)

After an adventurous day, we decided to check in our hotel and later explored Kumamoto City. Lucky for us too that the hotel was nearby Sakae Dori, so I had the opportunity to walk around town and simply observing how city life in Kumamoto feels like. I also did a bit of shopping here but it didn't take me that long cause there was so much to see!

Just beautifully hectic, isn't it? I love how calm the city felt even though it may look a bit busy with bustling streets and commercial surrounding it. This is basically the shopping arcade that I managed to walk around in before heading for my dinner afterwards.

See you in my Day 4 post! :D
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