October 10, 2016

Travel: (Day 4) Kumamoto Certainly Feels Like Home

On our final day of exploring Kyushu, we did quite a lot to maximise our stay there. I mean, a week just goes on really fast, doesn't it? And it feels like there's so much exploring to do in such a short period of time!

1. Suizenji Park (More info here)

When we were on our way to this park, I looked outside the window of the van I rode and wondered to myself, where the heck is this park that my tour guide was speaking about. Cause all around me are literally building of Kumamoto city.

But as soon as we reached the park and entered the compound, lo and behold! There's paradise smack in the city centre that looks like this......

How breathtaking this landscape looks, amirite? It was windy when we reached there so that made the whole situation a million times better than it already is. We managed to walk around the park a bit while enjoying this majestic view that was built in the 17th century.

2. Kumamoto Castle (More info here)

Our next stop consists of doing something really fun, every tourist should do! We visited the XX and helped ourselves on trying the traditional Japanese costume like in the picture below. I chose this deep blue yukata while Nisa(in red) wore a Kimono worn by the royals thanks to its rich and luxurious fabric and threads used.


We weren't able to visit the actual Kumamoto Castle per se, this is because it was hit by the earthquake and is now being heavily restored seeing that the structure itself was built in the 1600s. So can you imagine how hard it is to restore them. We had the opportunity to watch a video footage of the damages that happened on one of Japan's most impressive castles. So we spent some time exploring the compound where there are rows and rows of shops for the locals and tourists to see.

3. Kumamoto Islamic Center (More info here)

As I've mentioned on my instagram, one of the best moments for a Muslim traveller is when you discover a mosque in the city you're in! I dunno why, but it makes the places a lot more closer to you in retrospect seeing that there's your place of worship there. Doesn't it? :)

And to know how the Muslims struggled to actually build these mosques, makes the visit even more worthwhile. I was told that usually Muslim students are the ones highly responsible for having the mosque standing proud here in Japan. They would gather funds, get all the approval they need, and have the place become a reality.

Of course I took the chance to perform my prayers there and spent a couple of minutes touring the mosque to see how remarkable the place is. It's not just a mosque. It's also a community centre where the Muslims who live nearby come together and celebrate Ramadhan and Eid as a family. I just love this part of my day.

4. Tosu Premium Outlet (More info here)

Lastly, we ended our day by doing something laid-back such as--shopping! haha.. We managed to visit the Tosu Premium Outlet which so reminds me of JPO in Johor! Only this one is double the size than what we get in Johor. There were so many international and local brands here that I'm beginning to question why the heck I didn't bring that much money with me hahaha.

I highly recommend you to visit this outlet if you're looking for gifts for family and friends back home. Also there were so many fashion related items that speaks so much of the Japanese modest looks that we (or mostly me) adore about. I could easily get a top for RM50-60 (the lowest). That's cheap, considering we are in Japan where the currency is slightly higher than of ours.

See you in my next post, but be sure to bring yourself a handkerchief okay! Cause we'll be talking about JAPANESE FOOD!! :D
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