October 11, 2016

Travel: Japanese Food That Still Lingers

I really would like to apologise in advance for this post. Drafting this post for me was hard and I'm sure that reading and watching these images would be even harder for you! XD But as all of us might be aware, Japanese food is da bomb. That's why I figured it needs its own special post!

---------[ DAY 1 ]---------

Lunch: This is the bento that I bought before riding the bullet train. Basically these types of bentos are everywhere in Japan. And is very much Muslim friendly too. All you need to do is get yourself a seafood bento and ask the seller whether it contains miring/sake (alcohol) in preparation of these dishes. If they say there's none of the above, than you're all set, insyaAllah ;)

I had myself an Inari (tofu sushi), mackerel, eel, and sweet egg sushi. Although I didn't like the eel one so much. I've never eaten it in my life before, so I'd like to maintain it that way haha. This small bento is so filling I tell ya! Trust me. It's perfect for travels.

Lunch : Bento Box
Name of restaurant : N/A
Address : Hakata Station
Contact number : N/A
Menu (overall / detailed) : Bento Box (Seafood meals)
Price : Range from JPY800-JPY1800
How to request : Can buy at Any Bullet Train Station

---------[ DAY 2 ]---------

Lunch: My favourite Japanese dishes from this trip is from Day 2! Wanna know what I'm talking about? Check these images below... We had this set which consists of everything AWESOME. There's kanpachi raw fish that can be dipped into boiling hot green tea, there's grilled salmon, soba, tempura and also veggies (pumpkin's my fave!)

Name of restaurant : Chiran Paradise
Address : Chiran-Cho Kyushu City, Kagoshima
Contact number : +81-993-83-3211
Menu (overall / detailed) : Kanpachi (Greater Amberjack), Tempura, Green Tea Buck Wheat Noodles, Rice, Soup
Price : JPY 1620
How to request : Prior to visit, request the "Muslim Friendly Meal"

Dinner: So for dinner, we actually went to a Halal joint that serves the best Ramen in town! Do note that I have never ever liked soupy noodles. And after this dish, I could say that I am now a convert. And the best part about this ramen is that you can choose the level of spiciness you would like from 1-50!!! GILAAAA. hahahaha.

Name of restaurant : Menya Kirin
Address : 1-10-5-2F Kamoike City, Kagoshima
Contact number : +81-99-204-7331
Menu (overall / detailed) : Japanese Ramen Noodles (Spicy & Soy souce)
Price : JPY 800 - JPY 1500
How to request : They have a separate "Muslim Friendly" Menu

The owner said that the highest people would dare to go usually is level 8. I chose level 3 cause I was afraid of looking like a mess if I take anything higher. The level I chose was somewhat similar to the spiciness of a Tom Yam. So go figure the rest XD

---------[ DAY 3 ]---------

Lunch: On the 3rd day, we also had a snazzy lunch which consists of so many dishes in small portion. I thought I was gonna still be hungry after eating all of this. But I thought wrong ok.

Name of restaurant : Himawri Tei
Address : 1880-2 Yaguro-cho, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
Contact number : +81-966-22-1044
Menu (overall / detailed) : Pickled Vegetables, Tempura, Chawanmushi, Rice, Local Soup, Mayonaised paste, Yogult
Price : JPY 1620
How to request : Prior to visit, request the "Muslim Friendly Meal"

Dinner: Funny thing that happened to me at this restaurant was that I nearly fell underneath the table while stepping in. You know those Japanese restaurants where you need to take off your shoes and sit cross-legged. I thought this was that kind, but apparently there was a hole underneath the table for your legs to hang down. It hurt ok haha. But luckily the food served there took all my pain awayyyy :D

See how scrumptious this all looks? I don't really eat sashimi, but here in Japan, I do! hahaha. Your body works in mysterious ways I tell you. suddenly I could swallow all things raw and not make a face after it. 

Name of restaurant : Higo No Jinya
Address : 1-5-20 Shitadouri, Chuo War, Kumamoto
Contact number : +81-96-211-1414
Menu (overall / detailed) : Marinated Vegetables, Sashimi, Salad, Grilled Halal Chicken, Tenpura, Cooked Vegetables, Rice, Desert
Price : JPY 3000
How to request : They have a separate "Muslim Friendly" Menu

---------[ DAY 3 ]---------

Lunch: This was the funniest lunch I had in my entire lunch. Not the food I mean, but the moment. Japanese Tourism ever so kindly decided to treat us with fine dining Japanese food at Nikko Hotel! So of course Nisa and I had to play pretend that we were Datins merely going for lunch at expensive hotels like we Datins would do.

Name of restaurant : Nikko Hotel "Le Celebriti"
Address : 2-1 Kamidouri, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto
Contact number : +81-96-211-1663
Menu (overall / detailed) : Full Course Menu
Price : JPY 3800
How to request : Prior to visit request the "Muslim Friendly Meal"

Dinner: So on the last day, our dinner consists of nothing Japanese! After a week consuming lots of seafood, we figured our tummy could use some meat :p So we head over to a halal Pakistani restaurant and helped ourselves to some good 'ol briyani, roti naan and mutton dish.

Nice, huh?
Name of restaurant : Nabi San
Address : 6-11-37 Hakozaki, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Contact number : +81-90-4484-4020
Menu (overall / detailed) : Biryani Rice & Etc
Price : JPY900- JPY 1600
How to request : Full Halal Restaurant
Hope you guys enjoyed my Kyushu travelogue series as much as I love sharing them with you! :D I had an amazing time in Japan and I feel like I need to travel to other parts of Japan in the near future again soon, insyaAllah. Feel free to visit the Japanese Tourism website to get any information you need with regards to travelling as a Muslim in their oh-so-beautiful country! :D
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other part of japan ?
i'm in ! :P
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Fatimah Al-Attas said...

I so enjoyed this post, thank you! I miss Japan and their food too. I had so much Salmon and Matcha everything, and I think I am spoiled forever lol.

Claudia Novreica Sutrisno said...

I miss Japan and its food! Reading this just made my day! :9

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