January 3, 2017

Thoughts: My Ultimate New Year's Resolution

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim.. with that I welcome the new year on this good ol blog of mine and to everyone who's reading, assalamualaikum :)

I thought of updating my blog on the 1st January, but the holidays got in the way so much that I didn't even bother to take my laptop out to play. I specifically told myself to enjoy the time with my family and that times like that won't come back again. 

But since today is a working day, I finally felt like writing :) It's been a while since I last wrote something long and personal here, yeah? Well, to be honest, I find that these days its hard for me to open up seeing what the past has taught me. I know that that is undoubtedly a bad thing for a blogger,  but sometimes, you just feel like holding back in.

Let me give this a try okay.

Well, just last year, I actually fell ill. The condition was very bad that I had to endure a procedure called cystoscopy. I will not go into detail about the exact organ that got affected, but what I do need to tell you that what I felt throughout the entire process (from continuous pain - to procedures - to recuperating) is that it has made me realise how fragile life is for us.

In fact, I broke down. 

I broke down to my family and claimed that I knew that my life is probably written to be a very short one. Which of course got to their nerves. I mean, when you're in a position where you are totally out of control, especially speaking about physical pain, it will take its toll on your mind as well. 

I got depressed, albeit a short one, I could't walk and do much or else I'll be unwell again by evening, and I had to perform my salah--sitting on a chair.

And you know who was with me THROUGHOUT this duration?

My mom.

She was there from the very start, and I saw the pain in her eyes when she saw me in pain. She was diligent in looking out for natural remedies, she was the one accompanying me to, not one, but three hospitals, walking in and out, queueing, waiting, climbing the stairs, waiting again, researching, looking up websites and articles, and basically just about everything she could've done for me, she did.

She would ask me every single day, every hour, how I was feeling and whether I have taken my medications. She would go all the way to contact her friends to get all kinds off supplements for me to consume.

Gosh, now I'm teary eyed.

So, yes, that was me 2-3 months ago and now alhamdulillah I'm feeling much better even though the treatments are still not over for me yet. With this, I would like to tell you that I'm hopeful for the new year. And so should you.

If your parents are still around, do make time for them. I'm sure the one who's reading this post are probably millenials like I am, so your parents probably are around 50+ years old. Just think about the time you have left (or they have left) to make them happy.

No matter what dispute goes on on a daily basis, don't raise your voice to them. Prioritise them. Be with them. Accompany them. Help them. Pay for everything. And lastly make sure they are the first in your duaas.

I think this would be my ultimate resolution. To Make My Parents Happy.

If not, what's the point of it all, right?
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FJ said...

assalamualaikum shea. i am very sorry to hear about your illness. semoga diberi ketabahan dan lekas sembuh. semoga tahun 2017 lebih baik daripada tahun2 sebelumnya, amin.

Aty Fared said...

tetbe rindu kat arwah mak baca ni.. same..kalau i sakit..mak i yang akan bawak i ke sana sini tuk berubat..n pastikan i sihat.. walaupon i jugak yg kene drive sendiri dan die duduk sebelah..heheh.. btw.. hope u terus sihat ye shea.. :)

Naja said...

Salam Shea,

I am one of your followers and keep on coming back to see your update on your blog and when I saw very few posts, i knew something was wrong. Alhamdulillah you are in better health condition now and I hope you keep on your faith to Allah qada' and qadar where He wont testify us surpass our capabilities. Cuz I know what pain is as recently I also endure the same pain and could only perform my solat by sitting and its still hurts. Luckily my husband was with me that time and taking care of me and my mom was worried so much (she lived in Sarawak and I dont want her to come as she just back from holiday) and all I can ask is her prayers for me.
We are lucky and blessed to still have our mom's doa for us. Stay strong dear and InsyaAllah everything gonna be better.


Sizzling Suzai said...

just know that i love u babe!

I Inova Infra said...

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